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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

EXPO-2025 International Exhibition

26 Nov, 2018
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The EXPO-2025, supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, will be held under the motto “Transforming the world: innovations and a better life for future generations”. Innovative approach is the pivot of global economic development and social progress. At the EXPO-2025, experts will scrutinize the impact of the novelties on various sectors of the economy, environment, education, healthcare and welfare of the humanity as a whole.

Among the applicants for the right to hold the exhibition Paris, Osaka and Baku. Russian Ekaterinburg will also compete for the EXPO. According to our master plan, 500 hectares will room exposition halls, auxiliary services, premises for panel discussions. The exhibition area in Ekaterinburg is 2-3-fold larger than that of competing cities, therefore it is able to accommodate amply any number of visitors, which is expected to reach 400 thousand of people during the peak days.
In 2012, UNESCO ascribed Ekaterinburg to the Top 12 of the world’s ideal cities. Ekaterinburg has already hosted a number of international forums and exhibitions, such as BRICS Summit, SCO Summit, the International Forum of Industry and Innovations Innoprom-2017 and others.
After the visit of the inspection commission of the International Exhibition Bureau to Ekaterinburg for an expert assessment of the would-be location of the exhibition, the final voting will be held in November 2018 at the IEB General Assembly in Paris.
For reference:
EXPO-2025 is scheduled for 2.05-2.11.2025. Being a symbol of the post-industrial economic paradigm, the exhibition offers an open platform for demonstrating technical and technological achievements. Russia has participated in the Expo since 1851, but has never received the event yet.