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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

35 Russian organic producers have received Certificates of Conformity during 2020

7 Sep, 2020
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Since the beginning of 2020, information about 35 Russian enterprises has been included in the organic producers unified state register, that is maintained on the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia. Manufacturers have received certificates confirming their compliance with the law on organic products.

Of these, more than 20 enterprises are producers of large and small cattle, meat and dairy products, as well as feed, cereals and forage crops. Six organizations are engaged in the production of alcoholic beverages and other companies manufacture baby food, tea, coffee and grapes. Their products can now be marked with a special sign in the form of a white leaf on a green background with the inscription "organic" in Russian and English, as well as a QR code allowing the buyer to get detailed information about the manufacturer.
In order to minimize the negative impact on the market of organic products of the new coronavirus infection, Roskachestvo on the recommendation of the Ministry of agriculture of Russia decided to set a zero cost of organic products certification for small and medium-sized businesses from April 20 to the end of 2020.

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