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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Agricultural trade between Russia and Azerbaijan has increased by 1.5 times in five years

16 Feb, 2021
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Mutual food trade between Russia and Azerbaijan rose by 6% to 1.3 billion dollars in 2020. The turnover has increased by approximately 1.5 times in five years. 

The development of bilateral relations in agriculture was the topic of a meeting of the Russian-Azerbaijani working group on Agricultural cooperation, held in the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia. Sergey Levin and Elchin Zeinalov, the Deputy Ministers of Agriculture of the two countries and co-chairs of the working group, chaired the session.

Azerbaijan is one of the top ten buyers of domestic agricultural products. Agricultural exports to the republic increased by 12% to 698 million dollars last year. Meanwhile, Russia shows the potential to increase supplies of wheat, confectionery, poultry, sausages, canned vegetables, margarine, and sauces. Sergey Levin stressed that an authorized representative of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia would be sent to the republic by the end of the year to strengthen the country's position in the Azerbaijani market.

The participants also discussed cooperation in veterinary and phytosanitary inspection, plant variety registration and testing, and the investment projects implementation. Another focus at the meeting was the security of tomato and apple supplies from Azerbaijan. Currently, the majority of the enterprises can already make shipments. The work of the competent authorities of the two countries in this area continues.

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