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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Agricultural trade between Russia and Saudi Arabia doubled in 2020

7 Apr, 2021
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The business meetings between the Russian Federation and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia began on April 5. Representatives of agricultural agencies and the industry's unions and exporters and producers of agricultural products and foodstuffs attended the events. 

Sergey Levin, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia, emphasized that trade between Russia and Saudi Arabia increased. Agricultural goods turnover doubled in 2020 compared to 2019, to 693 million dollars. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is the largest buyer of Russian barley. Exports of domestic confectionery products and beef to the Kingdom also increased last year. The Russian Ministry of Agriculture is constantly working to improve domestic agricultural products and foodstuffs’ access to foreign markets. 

“Last year, certificates for the export of Russian honey, dairy and fish products to Saudi Arabia were agreed. I assume this would contribute to the development and strengthening of agricultural cooperation between the countries”, Sergey Levin emphasized. 

Besides, the business agenda includes roundtables and talks between Russian companies and foreign partners.

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