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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Approximately 550 thousand tonnes of grapes will be harvested in Russia

27 Nov, 2020
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Grapes harvest in Russia could reach approximately 550 thousand tons in 2020, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia Oksana Lut said.

Oksana Lut stated that the harvest of 2020 would be comparable to last year's record harvest. According to preliminary estimates, the gross grapes yield currently amounts to 530-550 thousand tonnes. At the same time, the quality of the grapes is high. The Ministry of Agriculture estimates that wine production will amount to 45-46 million dal this year.
According to the Deputy Minister, the new law on viticulture and winemaking became an important step for the development of the industry, as it established the legal framework and expanded the state support measures. Agrarians are compensated for over 80% of the cost of planting vineyards, provided with additional funds for maintenance work, and subsidised for the purchase of attachments.
The implementation of state support measures encourages greater investment activity in the industry. This year, approximately 5 thousand hectares expansion of vineyard areas is expected.

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