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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Aquatic Bioresources Annual Production to Amount 5.4 Million Tons by 2030

23 Jul, 2019
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The implementation of the Strategy for the Development of the Fisheries Complex until 2030, developed by the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, will make it possible to increase the production of aquatic biological resources to 5.4 million tons, the Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev noted at the Government Hour in the Federation Council.


As the head of the Ministry of Agriculture noted, the goal of Strategy 2030 is to increase the total contribution of the industry to the country's GDP. For this purpose, comprehensive measures to attract investment in the development of production, fish processing, aquaculture, and logistics infrastructure are envisaged. The main areas are the expansion of aquatic bioresources production and the organization of fishing for new species in the oceans under the International Fishery Conventions, the development of mariculture, the construction of new research vessels, the development and implementation of a fishery education standards system and the creation of a unified digital educational platform "Open fisheries education."

The implementation of these and other measures of Strategy 2030 will not only increase production, but also increase production of commercial aquaculture by 2.5 times, to 618 thousand tons. The share of high value-added products in the total volume of fish production will be 65% against 30% in 2018. Cumulative long-term financial investments will amount to 613 billion rubles, which is almost 4 times more than in 2018, and the turnover of industry organizations in 2030 is projected to grow by 160%, to nearly 900 billion rubles. Another important goal of the Strategy is the modernization of the fishing fleet - new vessels built in Russia will have at least 80% of production (15% in 2018).

During his speech, Dmitry Patrushev stressed that for accelerated construction of new vessels and enterprises in the industry, a new non-financial state support measure is already in place - a program for providing investment quotas for the production of high value-added products. According to the results of the three stages of the campaign for the distribution of investment quotas in the next 5 years, 43 new vessels and 26 fish processing plants will be built, and the total amount of additional investments will reach 188 billion rubles.

The Ministry of Agriculture also decided to distribute state support in the form of preferential loans for the construction, reconstruction and modernization of fish farming infrastructure, processing and storage facilities for aquaculture products. The issue of including investment projects for the processing, storage and sale of products from aquatic biological resources, including the purchase of refrigeration and freezing equipment, into this mechanism has been worked out. Currently, a draft of the relevant act of the Government on amending Decree No. 512 is being prepared. According to experts, concessional lending will make it possible to additionally attract about 130 billion rubles of investments to the fixed capital of the industry.

In conclusion, Dmitry Patrushev noted that the Ministry of Agriculture also pays attention to the safety of navigation of fishermen, raising the standard of living of people working in fisheries, in the agro-industrial complex as a whole. In 2018, the average monthly salary reached 76 thousand rubles, exceeding the figures for 2017 by almost 8 thousand rubles. The salary in the processing sector increased by 9 thousand rubles, reaching about 49 thousand rubles.

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