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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Dairy cattle breeding develops in Russia

19 Aug, 2021
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The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia discussed the prospects for the development of dairy cattle breeding.

Technical and technological modernisation contributes to an increase in livestock production. More than two thousand dairy cattle breeding facilities have been opened, reconstructed, and modernised across the country over the past ten years, with more than 792 thousand new cattle places created. As a result, cow productivity increased by 25.6%.
To further improve the breed qualities of dairy cattle, the development of a domestic breeding base is essential. Currently, it is represented by 24 dairy breeds of domestic and foreign selection. There are also state support measures for breeding activities.
Besides, the Russian Ministry of Agriculture is working on the State Information System for Livestock Breeding. The resource, in particular, will be used to keep operational records and process data, assess the quality of animals following EEC requirements, and minimise epizootic risks. It is expected that the system will start operating in 2025.

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