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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Dmitry Patrushev outlined agricultural sector achievements

2 Apr, 2021
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The agricultural sector performance improved last year, and production volumes in some areas have exceeded targets. Dmitry Patrushev, the Minister of Agriculture of Russia, reported on the industry performance and plans for its development during a Government Hour in the Federation Council.

According to the Minister, the agricultural production index in 2020 tentatively amounted to 102.5%. Farmers harvested 133.5 million tons of grain, which is more than 10% above the state agricultural programme target. Besides, Russia exceeded the targets for harvesting oilseeds and open field vegetables and planting perennial crops. 

Dmitry Patrushev also reported on the sowing campaign progress and the prospects for crop production this year. The cultivated areas will expand by 600 thousand hectares to 80.5 million hectares, of which more than 50 million hectares are earmarked for spring crops. The sown area with cereals, pulses, fodder crops, vegetables, and potatoes will also expand. There will be more vineyards planted this year as well. The sugar beet planting area will increase by 15% to 1.062 million hectares.

“Thus, we expect to meet the indicators of the state programme for the main types of crop production in 2021 if the weather conditions are favourable”, the Minister stated.

Animal husbandry also showed positive performance. Livestock, poultry, and milk production exceeded the targets last year. As Dmitry Patrushev mentioned, the goal remains to increase cattle meat and milk production. The Ministry is systematically working on this and expects to meet the state programme targets. 
Growth in crop and livestock production, among other things, provides the basis for the development of the food and processing industry. The food production index in 2020 was 103.6%. Meanwhile, the production of highly processed products is increasing.
To a large extent, agricultural sector performance depends on stable state support. There were over 271 billion roubles allocated to the state programme implementation last year.

Another topic discussed at the meeting was improving the quality of life in the countryside. The state programme Integrated Rural Development, which has been implemented since last year, sets this goal. According to Dmitry Patrushev, projects under the programme are expected to create 42 thousand jobs, of which 15 thousand already exist. Besides, 49 thousand families improved their housing conditions during the year, including 45 thousand families taking out rural mortgages. In total, the state programme measures affect at least 6 million people.

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