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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Dmitry Patrushev reported on the agricultural sector’s achievements and plans

19 Mar, 2021
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On March 16 and 17, the Minister of Agriculture of Russia Dmitry Patrushev held meetings with members of relevant committees of the State Duma.

Dmitry Patrushev reported on agricultural sector regulation, state support measures, rural areas development, spring fieldwork progress, and other topical issues.

Thus, approximately 287 billion roubles will be allocated for the development of the agricultural sector this year. In particular, 34.7 billion roubles will be allocated for rural development, which is approximately 1 billion roubles higher than last year. A total of 118 social and engineering infrastructure projects and almost two thousand beautification projects are planned to be implemented under the state programme in 2021. Funding of rural mortgage is expected at 5.3 billion roubles to improve the living conditions of 25 thousand families. 

As Dmitry Patrushev stated, the sowing campaign has started in nine regions of the Southern and North-Caucasian Federal Districts. Farmers have already sown approximately 151 thousand hectares. Farmers are fully provided with seeds, and the equipment is 100% prepared. Besides, the share of domestically produced seeds is increasing. 

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture constantly improves the state support measures. In particular, there are new areas for targeting funds in preferential lending starting in 2021. 

Also, the Ministry is drafting a state programme to put new agricultural land into use and develop the land reclamation sector. The programme is scheduled to launch in 2022. According to the draft, there will be put into use over 13 million hectares of agricultural land in 10 years. The Ministry also expects to reduce the deterioration of land reclamation systems from 78% to 30%. The total programme funding over ten years will amount to approximately 754 billion roubles. 

Another draft programme is to provide farmers with the opportunity to sell products on their plots. The Ministry also focuses on the development of agritourism, including the legislative framework improvement in this field.

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