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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Exports of Russian dairy products increased by 11%

20 Nov, 2020
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In the first ten months of 2020, dairy exports from Russia increased by 11% compared to the same period last year and reached 248 million dollars.

Cheese and cottage cheese supplies showed positive dynamics, with an increase of 13% to 71 million dollars. Exports of milk and non-carbonated cream increased by 19% to 23 million dollars, butter exports increased by 83% to 12 million dollars, and whey exports increased 2.2 times to 8 million dollars.
Kazakhstan takes the lead among all Russian dairy products buyers, with 40% of all deliveries. This year shipments to the country increased by 10% to 99 million dollars.
Exports to Ukraine increased to 36 million dollars (+14%) and to Belarus to 35 million dollars (+10%). China stands out among the non-CIS countries, with imports increased to 5.3 million dollars (+32%). The Gulf countries, South-East Asia and Africa are considered promising in terms of increasing dairy exports.
As part of the federal project "Agricultural Product Export", the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia is carrying out systematic work aimed at improving the competitiveness of Russian agricultural producers in foreign markets.
Currently, a set of government support measures for export-oriented companies is implemented. New mechanisms are also being developed.

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