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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

“German-Russian Agrarian and Political Dialogue” highlights the prospects for the national agro-industrial complexes

10 Jun, 2020
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The regular meeting of the German-Russian Agrarian-Political Dialogue Project Council featured the Deputy Minister’s of Agriculture Sergei Levin report affirming that cooperation between the two countries in the agricultural sector remains much fruitful.

The event was also attended by the Parliamentary Secretary of State under the Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture of the Federal Republic of Germany Uwe Fayler, representatives of the Committee of the Federation Council on Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management of the Russian Federation, the State Duma Committee on Agriculture, the German Embassy in Moscow, the German Peasant Union and the Association of Peasant (Farmer) Households and Agricultural Cooperatives.
Opening the meeting, Sergey Levin appreciated the progressive development of Russian-German relations in the agricultural sector and praised the activities of the German-Russian Agrarian-Political Dialogue Project contributing to much constructive interaction of the agrarian departments of the two countries and strengthening thus the economic and cultural cooperation. According to the deputy minister, the most topical issues of bilateral cooperation are determining the prospects for the development of both national agricultural sectors.

The participants of the Project Council discussed the matters of organic agriculture, applied integrated rural development, digitalization and summarized the work throughout 2019 targeting at the project plans for 2020-2022.
The “German-Russian Agrarian and Political Dialogue” is a respectable conference offering valuable exchange of professional experience displaying the latest achievements. For 25 years, the Project enables the parties to “check-the-clock” with legislators, executive authorities, scientific and educational organizations, industry associations and unions of Russia and Germany on the widest range of subjects related to the agrisector.

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