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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

The ice cream exports in the 1st quarter increased up to 5.6 thousand tons

10 Jun, 2020
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The first quarter of 2020 brought 5.6 thousand tons of ice cream supplied abroad worth more than $ 10 million, which is by 11.4% higher than the same period index of 2019. It makes almost 20% of total Russian exports of dairy products in value terms.

Summing up the last year's achievements, 22 thousand tons of exported ice cream is by 12% higher than in 2018. At the same time, the volume of deliveries to 38 countries in value terms amounted to 53.4 million dollars (+12.5%), distributed among Kazakhstan ($19.5 million or 36.6% of the total), Mongolia ($5.5 dollars or 10.4%), Ukraine ($4.5 million or 8.5%), China ( $3.7 million or 6.9%), Belarus ($3.5 million or 6.6%).
The most promising directions for further Russian ice cream shipments are Asian markets, whilst the classic kinds of ice cream are still the most popular in importing countries. The bulk of the demand and, accordingly, deliveries falls on the hottest months – the period from April to August.
Given the dynamics of ice cream exports, which is characterized by steady growth (average annual extra in 2015-2019 of 14%), the Ministry of Agriculture predicts in the short term a further average gain of 5-10% per year. Facilitated by comprehensive support measures for domestic dairy producers within the federal project “Export of agricultural products”, under the soft loan program a lot of companies can receive short-term loans (up to 1 year) for raw materials purchasing, as well as investment loans (from 2 to 15 years) for the construction, reconstruction and modernization. In addition, in 2020, a new measure of state support was launched – partial reimbursement of the costs for certification of exported products, including ice cream.

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