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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Ministry of Agriculture Presents Far East Cuisine at EEF

3 Sep, 2019
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The Ministry of Agriculture launched a large-scale food show at the Far East Street exhibition, which takes place on the sidelines of the V Eastern Economic Forum (EEF). The venue is able to accommodate up to 2000 thousand visitors simultaneously. This food festival demonstrates not only the achievements of the agricultural industry, but also the unique cultural and gastronomic traditions of the Far East people, as well as their ample hospitality business capabilities.


This time the concept of a food court is used in order to represent each region by one of the most recognizable products, while traditional Far Eastern dishes are being cooked as the EEF goes on. The venue also hosts the Labor Museum, the Taiga Crafts interactive zone, a fish market and an open kitchen for culinary master classes.

4 tons of unique Far Eastern products are available for the visitors. This food is the calling card of each region. Also 5 tons of additional products for sale and tastings were prepared. More than 4,000 servings of food and over 100 liters of taiga smoothie will be distributed daily.

Special natural conditions of the Pacific regions of our country have generated a unique complex of taiga and marine species of flora and fauna. Foodstuff produced in the Russian Far East is shipped to 50 countries, including China, South Korea, Japan and European nations. That being said, agricultural export from the Far East Federal District would increase 1.6 times by 2024 almost to 6 billion dollars per year.

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