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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Russia Develops Flax Production

9 Aug, 2019
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The First Deputy Minister of Agriculture Dzhambulat Khatuov attended the All-Russian Flax Field Day, which this year takes place in the Tver region. The event was also attended by Deputy Prime Minister Alexey Gordeev, Governor of the Tver region Igor Rudenya, Head of the Mari El Republic Alexander Evstifeev, and representatives of business community.


According to Dzhambulat Khatuov, due to state support and favorable market conditions, the flax growing industry in the country is reviving and showing good growth dynamics.

In 2018, the sown area of flax amounted to 44.5 thousand hectares, the gross harvest of flax fiber reached 36.7 thousand tons, with a yield of 8.7 ton per hectare. This year, the crop was sown on an area of 50.6 thousand hectares and the largest area increase was recorded in the Republics of Mari El and Tatarstan, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Ivanovo and Bryansk regions.

“Implementation of the State Program for the Development of Agriculture will result in the increase of the sown area of flax to almost 60 thousand hectares by 2025, which is a third more than at present. This will allow us to increase the gross yield by more than 40% and reach production of 52.6 thousand tons per year. The key point of growth should be the introduction of unused arable land”, Mr Khatuov said at the plenary meeting of the event.

Since 2017 subsidies have been provided to support the development of elite seed production within the framework of a “single” subsidy. Since last year, capital costs have been subsidized for the creation of facilities for the primary processing of flax, soft loans are provided, and unbound support is provided at the rate of 10 thousand rubles per 1 hectare of sown area of flax.

According to Dzhambulat Khatuov, the state will continue to support flax farms, which will give the domestic flax complex a new impetus for development and will bring it to a new level of competitiveness and economic efficiency.

Today, Russian flax fiber is a promising export product in demand on foreign markets. At the site of the All-Russian Flax Field Day, a number of international agreements were signed aimed at developing trade in these products. In particular, the supply of long shabby flax fiber to India was agreed by Lenprom JSC and Ransol Holding Inc, while Bellegprom and Flax Union signed an agreement on its export for the needs of the Belarusian textile industry. In addition, the Chinese-Belarusian company Sumek Textile LLC and JSC Lenprom agreed to supply long shabby flax fiber to China and the Republic of Belarus.

As part of his visit to the Tver region, Dzhambulat Khatuov also held a working meeting with Igor Rudenya. The First Deputy Minister thanked the Governor for his work on creating an industrial flax cluster in the region, which aims to combine science, engineering, production, processing and marketing of flax products.

The Ministry of Agriculture is preparing additional state support measures to stimulate the production of flax in the country.

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