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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Russia has harvested over 1.5 million tons of fruit and berries

9 Dec, 2021
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This year, Russian farmers harvested a record amount of fruit and berries in the organised sector of over 1.5 million tons. This is 17% higher than last year (1.3 million tons).

The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia predicts that the figure will increase to 2.2 million tons by 2025. The increase in production is primarily driven by high rates of nurseries and modern intensive orchards planting. Over 13.2 thousand hectares of perennial plants will be planted in 2021, which is more than the target of the State Programme.

The development of the subsector is supported by investor activity and state support measures, including incentive subsidies for planting and caring for perennial fruit and berry plantations, preferential investment and short-term lending, and compensation for direct costs incurred for the establishment and modernisation of agricultural facilities.

One of the key objectives for the further development of horticulture is to create competitive varieties of fruit crops, strengthen the scientific and human resources potential, provide farmers with affordable high-tech special machinery and upgrade infrastructure facilities.

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