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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Russia has harvested over 126.6 million tons of grain

6 Dec, 2021
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The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia discussed preliminary results of the harvesting campaign and the supply of farmers with material and technical resources.

The meeting, chaired by the First Deputy Minister Dzhambulat Khatuov, was attended by heads of regional agricultural authorities, sectoral unions, and organisations.

Domestic farmers have currently threshed over 126.6 million tons of grain in bunker weight, including approximately 79 million tons of wheat. There is an increase in the gross harvest of oilseeds, sugar beet, greenhouse vegetables, fruits, and berries. Further production growth in 2022 will be facilitated by increased areas sown with such crops as spring cereals, sugar beet, buckwheat, soybeans, and potatoes. According to the Ministry's projection, the total area sown for next year's harvest will be expanded to 81.2 million hectares.

The meeting also paid attention to the availability of mineral fertilizers. Since the beginning of the year, agricultural producers have bought over 4.3 million tons of the resource, which is 537 thousand tons more than last year. The Ministry is currently working to update the acquisition plan for 2022. Besides, the meeting discussed the provision of fodder to livestock breeders for the winter.

Following the event, the regions were instructed to verify crop harvest forecasts with the regional statistics services and ensure meeting the targets for expanding the sown area in 2022.

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