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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Russia has harvested over 90 million tons of grain

3 Sep, 2021
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The harvesting campaign in Russia is progressing steadily. As of August 31, farmers have harvested 90.3 million tons of grain. Cereals and legumes have been threshed from 33.1 million hectares, higher than last year's rates.

Wheat, in particular, has been harvested from 21.8 million hectares, with 65.6 million tons threshed. Also, farmers have harvested 16.2 million tons of barley and 90 thousand tons of maize.

Sunflower, rapeseed and soybean production has totalled 196.9 thousand tons tonnes, 1.3 million tons and 63.3 thousand tons, respectively. Sugar beet harvest has amounted to 2 million tons. Besides, agricultural enterprises and farms have harvested 783.9 thousand tons of potatoes and 1.2 million tons of open field vegetables.

Several regions have already begun sowing winter crops for the 2022 harvest, with 2.4 million hectares already sown.

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