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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Russia increases confectionery production

7 Jan, 2022
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Confectionery production in Russia is growing steadily, and the products themselves are gaining recognition among consumers around the world. In January-November last year, domestic confectioners produced 3.6 million tons of sweets, which is 1.4% more than a year earlier.

In particular, packaged chocolate (+11.1%) and chocolate and sugar products (+2.7% and +7.4% respectively) showed positive dynamics.

The Association of Confectionery Enterprises predicts that in 2021 the overall production volume in this segment may reach approximately 3.9 million tons. Today, biscuits and wafers account for more than half of domestic consumption, with weighted sweets in second place and sugary confectionery, marmalade, pastila, and caramel in third place.

Russia is the fifth-largest global producer of confectionery. At the same time, this production ranks fifth (4.3%) in the structure of domestic agricultural exports. Last year, deliveries abroad increased by 19% in value terms and 12% in volume terms. Currently, Russian sweets are distributed to 93 countries. The main buyers, which are China and the Customs Union countries, account for 57% of exports.

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