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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Russian-Chinese cooperation in the agricultural sector was discussed

8 Nov, 2021
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On October 28, Sergey Levin and Ma Youxiang, Deputy Ministers of Agriculture of Russia and China, held a meeting. The discussion focused on topical issues in agricultural cooperation development.

In 2020, agricultural trade between Russia and China exceeded 5 billion dollars. Sergey Levin said that ensuring mutual access to food, including prompt response to urgent issues of exporters and investors, remains a priority area for cooperation.
The two countries continue to work on expanding the range of goods supplied. In particular, Russian exporters are interested in opening up access to the Chinese market for meat products, live cattle, fodder, food-grade soybean meal, alfalfa, peas, and wheat. Recognising the regionalisation of Russia for animal diseases and opening up the supply of domestic pork from enterprises with a high level of biosecurity is also an important area of focus.
The meeting also discussed investment, scientific and technical cooperation in the agricultural sector.

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