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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Russian Greenhouses Produce 700K Tons of Vegetables In 1H 2019

1 Aug, 2019
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Russian farmers collected 700 thousand tons of greenhouse vegetables in the first half of 2019.


In recent years, the greenhouse vegetable growing industry has demonstrated a significant investment boost. Over the period from 2014 to 2018, more than 1 thousand hectares of high-tech greenhouses were built and modernized, of which almost 350 hectares were commissioned in 2018. The total area of greenhouses over these years increased to 2.5 thousand hectares, which is a quarter higher than in 2014.

New greenhouses significantly exceed previously built ones in terms of production performance resulting in production volumes increase by 65% compared to 2014.

The gross harvest of greenhouse vegetables in agricultural organizations and private farms, according to Rosstat, in 2018 amounted to 1.1 million tons. By 2025, it is planned to increase production to at least 1.5 million tons per year.

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