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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Russian Regions Renew Agricultural Machinery Fleet

7 Aug, 2019
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The First Deputy Minister of Agriculture Dzhambulat Khatuov held a conference call on the supply of agricultural machinery and equipment to subjects of the Russian Federation.


The Ministry constantly monitors the acquisition of equipment in the regions, Mr Khatuov noted during the call. As of the 6th of August, 5.6 thousand tractors, 2.5 thousand combines and more than 17 thousand other types of agricultural machinery have already been purchased by Russian regions.

According to forecasts, this year Russian regions plan to purchase 10.9 thousand tractors and 5.7 thousand combines.

The First Deputy Minister emphasized that the regions running behind previously announced schedule should intensify their work.

“Agricultural producers have numerous opportunities for preferential purchase of equipment - these are subsidies, loans, discounts and various programs of Rosagroleasing. The state will fulfill its obligations in full, while the regions need to intensify activities to update the fleet”, Mr Khatuov concluded.

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