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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

The Russian chocolate output ‘2019 increased by 17.6%

13 Mar, 2020
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The Deputy Minister of Agriculture Oksana Luth participated in the annual domestic confectionery industry progress review.

The deputy minister assured that the Ministry of Agriculture appreciates the local manufacturing content advance and the wider use of domestic raw materials and ingredients. The 2019 production total amounted to 3.9 million tons. At the same time, the production of chocolate and cocoa-containing food products (unpacked) increased by 17.6%, whilst cookies, gingerbread and waffles – by 3.8%.
It was highlighted that the industry remains one of the drivers of Russian booming agricultural exports. Domestic confectionery products are shipped to more than 90 countries at the total of $ 1.3 billion. By 2024, this figure should be nearly twice as much – $ 2.4 billion.
Following the meeting, Oksana Luth uttered the intention of the Ministry to render appropriate support to enable mighty competitive advantage for Russian confectionery industry all over foreign markets.

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