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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Russian farmers will harvest approximately a million tonnes of fruit and berries in 2020

10 Nov, 2020
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Horticulture is one of the most promising areas of crop production today, with considerable potential for import substitution.

The development of horticulture is facilitated by investor activity and government support measures, including subsidies, loans, and compensation for expenses on construction and modernisation of agricultural facilities.
As of 3 November, over 980 thousand tonnes of fruits and berries have been harvested in Russia. Despite the unfavourable natural and climatic conditions of spring, the gross harvest is expected to be around 1.08 million tonnes this year. This volume is comparable to the average indicator for the last 5 years.
The work on perennial fruit and berry plantations continues. The pace of work exceeds last year's figures. Thus, 9.9 thousand hectares have already been planted, which is 11.2% higher than last year.
The volume of perennial plantings in 2020 is projected to be at least 16.6 thousand hectares. At the same time, subjects are recommended paying special attention to the issues of providing gardeners with domestic high-quality seedlings.

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