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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Russian grain production in 2020 may reach 122.5 million tons

17 Jun, 2020
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The Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev uttered the figure at another working meeting with Russian grain export majors outlining the preliminary results of this agricultural year to coordinate plans for the next period.

According to the Minister, the yield in 2019 was almost one and a half centners per hectare higher than in 2018, and the momentum gained through implementation of cutting-edge agritechnologies should be kept ahead.
“Despite rather severe weather conditions in a number of the Russian Federation regions, as well as the coronavirus outbreak, this spring field works are still on normally. Some regions have already started harvesting. According to updated forecasts, the gross grain production in 2020 may amount up to 122.5 million tons, including wheat share of up to 75 million tons. Basing on this, we expect that grain exports, with regard to appropriate carry-over, should make up to 45 million tons in the 2020/2021 season,” assumes Dmitry Patrushev. “Under the current socio-economic conditions we’ve managed to keep the domestic market and price situation quite sustainable. The Ministry of Agriculture has taken a number of specific actions to ensure the food security of Russia, which is the main and invariable target of the Minstry. In particular, since April 1 we have launched the export quota mechanism”.

In order to prevent food shortages, the Eurasian Economic Commission also imposed a temporary ban on the exports of certain types of goods from the EAEU, including rye, rice, soybeans and sunflower seeds until June 30, 2020. “We must meet the demand of our oilseed processors with appropriate volume of raws. We dispose sufficient capacities for oilseed processing here in Russia. According to the federal project "Export of agricultural products", by 2024 oil and fat products should bring export revenue of 8.6 billion dollars. In this regard, it is necessary to stimulate oilseed production and processing in our country,” the head of the Ministry of Agriculture emphasized. At yesterday's meeting of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission released a special permit procedure effective till this September 1 for sunflower exports.
The Ministry estimates the current value of grain exports throughout this agricultural year as 40.6 million tons worth $8 billion. The recipient markets remain traditional: Turkey, Egypt, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, African countries. The total grain export in 2019/2020 agricultural may reach 43 million tons or $8.5 billion in money terms, which fits within the estimated figures.

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