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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

The G20 Agriculture and Water Ministers discussed global food security issues

21 Sep, 2020
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On September 12, The G20 Agriculture and Water Ministers held a meeting via video conference. Further steps of cooperation in the field of agriculture and water resources management development were discussed, including COVID-19 influence on the world agro-industrial complex. The Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev presented Russia at the meeting. He stated that the G20 platform has demonstrated its effectiveness in overcoming global challenges repeatedly, and Russia is eager to make the maximum contribution to the overall work.

As Dmitry Patrushev noted, the COVID-19 spread has adjusted the global agenda. The pandemic has affected all the economy sectors, including the agro-industrial complex. Lots of supply chains were disrupted, and the population purchasing power was reduced in some cases. The balance between citizens' health care and economic damage preventing remains to be in the spotlight.
"The smooth operation of agriculture, fisheries and processing industries were maintained in Russia. Food security for almost all key products is provided here today, including vegetable oil, sugar, meat, fish and grain," said Dmitry Patrushev.
Besides that, the Minister supported the G20 communique proposals. In particular, Dmitry Patrushev supported responsible investment in agriculture and highly appreciated the efforts made by Saudi Arabia to promote the topic.
He also noted a significant contribution to food production made by family farms. Their development is crucial in Russia, there is even large-scale State support for agriculture and small-scale agribusiness. In the current situation, the attention of all the G20 countries should be drawn to the topic.
Another crucial issue is food losses and waste reduction. According to the Minister, this task should be solved both at the national and international levels. It is important the G20 pays attention to these processes as well.
This year, it was decided to combine agriculture and water resources management issues in one direction of the G20. According to Dmitry Patrushev, the strong connection between these two areas dictates the need to develop comprehensive measures. The Minister stated his confidence that the G20 countries are unanimous in their commitment to solve the clean drinking water access problem and ensure the citizens' rights to a stable water supply and sanitary safety realization.

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