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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia established the Emergency operations center (EOC) to prevent the spread of coronavirus

24 Mar, 2020
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The Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev signed the Directive “On urgent measures aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus infection”, which provides for the establishment of the ministerial EOC.

The State Secretary – Deputy Minister of Agriculture Ivan Lebedev was appointed as a head of this body.
The key missions of the EOC are:
• Coordination of functional units and subordinate institutions of the Ministry;
• Generation of proposals aimed at the prevention of the spread of infection within the Ministry of Agriculture units and subordinate organizations
• Interaction with governmental bodies and institutions responsible for sanitary and epidemiological surveillance, federal and regional executive authorities.
In all organizations subordinate to the Ministry of Agriculture the in-house EOC units are also institutionalized. In accordance with the Directive, these shall deliver the relevant info to the Ministry on a daily basis.

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