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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

The Union of Grain Exporters expanded the membership

1 Apr, 2020
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At the regular meeting the Union was joined by Louis Dreyfus East, Outspan International (Olam Group), Steppe Agricultural Holding, Pokrovsky Concern and Zavolzhye Grain. Thus, the Union of Grain Exporters now unites 16 largest companies exporting about 70% of grain in the first half of the 2019-20 season.

“The expansion of the Union proves its significance for the key market players. In less than a year, we have settled much fruitful dialogue with the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, we are participating in inventing of the most important industry regulations and coordination measures ensuring food security. Having consolidated facing the current challenge, we are not only we are not just capable to meet the domestic needs, but also retain our leading position on the global scale," said Edward Zernin, the Chairman of the Union’s board.
The Union of Grain Exporters was created in April 2019 by the market majors – OZK, TD RIF, Aston and Glencore. Later, the founders were joined by Cargill, Gemcorp, Artis-Agro, Zerno-Trade, Agrolend, Miragroup Resources and the South of Russia.

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